Simple Poker is a company that creates advanced tools for poker players. These tools are designed to help players analyze and understand optimal strategies for different poker situations. The company was first created in 2012 and has since gained a strong reputation, particularly in Russian-speaking countries where poker's popularity has grown.


Key Products Made by Simple Poker:


Simple Postflop: This solver helps improve strategy postflop and preflop, with calculations for the bet sizes and ranges of two players. It provides optimal sizings, bet and defense ranges settings, and out of position (OOP) & in position (IP) game on postflop. 

● Simple Nash: This free solver tool designed to help MTT and SNG players understand Nash Equilibrium for a very important part of poker: push/fold and raise/fold situations.  

Simple Preflop Holdem: Input ranges for up to 10 players and calculate optimal strategies for preflop situations.

Simple 3-Way: Designed to help players navigate three-way spots, which can be some of the most complex situations in poker. 

Simple GTO Trainer: This tool is designed to help both beginners and advanced players learn game theory optimal strategies. It allows users to track statistics for each training session, visually showing progress over time.  

GTOBase: This is a web application with a library of calculated optimal poker strategies. It also includes a GTO Trainer and an analyzer of the played hands.

Simple Omaha: One of the first programs of its kind to work on two-way Omaha spots and calculate optimal strategies.

● GTO Sensei: This teaching tool is for mobile devices and offers a way for players to practice wherever they are. 

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